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Foreign Update

  • J Cole Forest Hill Drive Album Moves 361,000 Units In First Week Sales

    J Cole is on top of the hiphop world as his new album Forest Hill Drive blows past predictions moving a whopping 361,000 units in its first week of sales.Something any other rap album has been able to accomplish in 2014.Not many singles were released from the album prior to the release and hardly any promotions or radio.He recently released two records off Forest Hill Drive The Intro and Apparently.Last week sources reported the album was projected to do about 261,000 but when the sales report was released yesterday it was a nice surprise.Now the question that many in the record business are asking is Hip Hop artist like J Cole and Kendrick Lamar setting the new standard for new artist to come.

  • Bobby Shmurda Arrested Along with Members of His Gs9 Crew NYC After Police Raid Studio

    Bobby Shmurda finds himself back in police custody after a raid last night at Quad Studios.Police arrested Bobby and members of his Gs9 crew along with music executive Sha Money xl.According to sources police found a number of guns and drugs after the raid,police was already out on bail for another gun charge.Let’s hope they don’t keep this kid locked up but this is not a good look for the Brooklyn rapper.

  • Rapper Bustafree & Rick Ross Release New Single “Forbes List”

    The hottest rapper in the streets of Miami Bustafree joins forces with the biggest boss in the game Rick Ross. With a string of regional radio & clubs hits including “On Deck” feat Ace Hood & Pitbull & Make It Funky, Bustafree is no stranger to the Florida music scene. Most recently Bustafree was featured on Worldstarhiphop’s acclaimed Miami documentary “The Field”. Representing Liberty City FL one of Miami’s notorious inner city neighborhoods.

    It was during this documentary that people across the nation first heard his new single “Forbes List”. Local Miami DJ crew Club Rockerz began the push eventually making this record the hottest in the city. The buzz behind the record began to catch the attention of local Miami radio. 103.5 the beat and 99 Jamz began to spin “Forbes List” on the mix shows daily. Fellow Miami rapper Rick Ross took notice of this and decided to lend his hand. Rick Ross dropped a hot verse on the record adding to the buzz. On Nov. 24. 2014 Rick Ross released his seventh studio album. During the official album release party at the world famous King of Diamonds Bustafree shared the stage with Rick Ross to perform his hit single Forbes List. For interviews & press contact magnumopus305@gmail.com.

  • Rick Ross Gives Back For Christmas Holiday

    Miami Rapper Rick Ross was dubbed Santa Ross as he spread good tidings and cheer through out the community. Rick Ross Charities along with 103.5 The Beat gave away over 200 pairs of Reeboks and 8 grand in cash. Feeding everyone not with just his signature Lemon Pepper wings but all the varieties of flavors WIngstop offers.

    Ross Claus gives back this holiday season (42 of 76)

    Ross Claus gives back this holiday season (49 of 76)

  • Supreme – Supreme 13

    SUPREME’s first mixtape… Hope you enjoy… Twitter/IG: @Kidd_BoxCrew @brendynprice

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