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Foreign Update

  • Suge Knight Charged With Murder

    Suge Knight has been officially charged with murder but not for 2pac or Biggie but for the death of his own friend Terry Carter.Suge was on the set of the movie N.W.A when he was asked to leave and got into an altercation with two men. According to witnesses Terry who had arrived with Suge was the driver of the car they arrived in.Word is Suge got into the car in a frantic state as Terry was exiting to vehicle to either diffuse the situation or take part in the altercation when Suge jumped in the driver seat put the car in reverse and ran over his own friend.Suge fled the scene and Terry died of his injuries before Suge went on the lamb for a few hours and eventually turned himself into police.He has been officially charged with murder and being held on a 2 million dollar bond.

  • Lil Wayne Ups His Lawsuit To 51 Million Dollars Against Cash Money

    Lil Wayne has took it a step further in his lawsuit against Cash Money & Birdman and is now asking for 51 million dollars.The original lawsuit was for 8 million which was supposed to be the advance from The Carter V & an additional 2 million upon it’s completion.Word is Universal Records the company which distributes Cash Money might foot the bill to get things back on track and Cash Money would no longer be in breach of contract.If this happens Wayne would have no choice but to stay with Cash money.As far as the 51 million this number came into play as what Wayne and his team of lawyers determine this would be the loss of income if the entire issue was not settled.Wayne has also stated he will take Nicky Minaj and Drake with him if the split with the label happens.What ever happens im sure the relationship between father and son will never be the same.

  • Are Meek Mill And Nicky Minaj Really A Couple Or Is It All For Publicity

    Nicky Minaj & Meek Mill have been quite cozy the past few weeks but one has to wonder were if Nicky is completely over her ex Safaree and is using Meek as a rebound.Meek himself just came home after a short prison bid and may also be in a vulnerable position.The two are also working on music together which leads us to question is this real love or is just convenient timing and a great business opportunity.



  • Young Thug Plans On Calling His New Album Carter 6

    If things between Birdman & Lil Wayne were not bad enough they could get worse with Birdman’s new protoge Young Thug planning on carrying on the series on his own.Young Thug did not say if he would only do it if he received the blessing from Weezy but only if wayne does not make another Carter he will take it over.

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  • Lil Wayne Suing Birdman For 8 Million & Wants Nicky & Drake As Well

    There’s a lot of turmoil going on at YMCMB these days and it looks like things are only getting worse.Reportedly Wayne is suing Birdman for 8 million dollars.The money is rumored to be owed from the advance of his last album that he never received.Wayne is also looking to take the artist he signed to his Young Money imprint meaning Nicky Minaj and Drake.Recently there has been rumors of Drake working on a new mixtape which may back up that fact.Birdman was also said to be very upset about all the diss references Wayne used towards him on his Sorry 4 The Wait 2 mixtape.

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