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Foreign Update

  • Rihanna On The List Of 2nd Wave Of Nude Celebrity Hack Victims

    According to multiple reports Rihanna is on the list of a 2nd wave of celebs to have there personal images released to the public.Also on the list are more Kim Kardashian photos,former Disney Channel star Vanessa Hudgens and U.S. Olympic soccer team goalie Hope Solo.The FBI has been investigating the case since the first batch of photos were released.Basketball star Dwayne Wade’s wife was among the first batch of nudes leaked online.Apple has vowed to beef up it’s online security in the meantime.

  • Shad Moss Aka Bow Wow And Erica Mena Engaged To Be Married

    After 6 months of dating Erica Mena it looks like Bow Wow is ready to say i do.During an interview with Jack Thriller on the red carpet Eric announced her and Shad are engaged to be married.This came as a surprise to many people who may have not known the seriousness of there relationship.Most people did not even know they were dating.

    Well good luck to them both and we wish them nothing but the best…

  • Love & Hip Hop Hollywood: Episode 1 Recap

    #L&HHHW Episode 1 Recap

    The first season of Love & Hip Hop Hollywood has started with a bang! All the cast members seem a little crazy. The perfect recipe for a great reality show. First lets introduce the players of the game. This cast includes Teairra Mari’, Ray J, Princess, Hazel E, Lil Fizz, Soulja Boy, Omarion, Apryl Jones, and Moniece Slaughter so far.

    We can already tell that Teairra Mari will be the firecracker of the bunch, she’s kicking ass, fucking shit up, and taking names all for the sake of love. This once darling R&B songstress is what Beyonce would call “crazy in love” with play boy himself Ray J, yes Brandy’s brother, lol. It’s been 8 months since they’ve broken up and he’s apparently moved with Princess Love (one of Mayweather’s leftovers). To make matter worst he’s actually moves Princess into the home he once shared with Miss. Teairra Mari and didn’t even have the decency to move Teairra’s things out first. That’s a little shady if you ask me and 99 percent of the women in America. Also, it doesn’t help that Princess tried to come for Miss. Teairra Mari’ by exposing what she had in her medicine cabinet, i.e. vaginal creams, pills, and etc.


    Moving right long, wasn’t Soulja Boy just on Oxygen’s “Sisterhood of Hip-Hop” getting cozy with his ex-girlfriend fellow Atl rapper Diamond. Something is definitely fishy, either somebody’s trying to get publicity and ratings, or Soulja is dumber than I thought. He’s currently dating and co-habitating with his on and off again girlfriend Nia Riley, daughter of super producer Teddy Riley. Nia better take notes, this fool has got her wrapped around his little finger and in the words of the poet Rocko “U.O.E.N.O”, lol. Apprently during one of their off times, Nia had a relationship with someone else that produced a baby. Soulja seems to be stepping up to the plate, but I have a feeling things will going left soon.


    Click here to read more.

    – Crawford Confidentials

  • Shad Moss and Erica Mena engaged?

    I guess we saying Congratulations to Shad Moss & Erica Mena on their engagement.

    Lil Bow Wow, who is now going by his birth name, Shad Moss aka Mr.106&park just got engaged to Erica Mena over the weekend in ATL and have  announced their engagement at the B.E.T Awards oh yea and on Instagram. Bishhhh Whet? She got too much baggage for Shad. If you ever watched her on VH1 Love and Hip Hop New York you will understand. Erica is messy.com and Shad ain’t ready. She looks like she can be his mother, but whatever floats their boat I guess.

    Erica Mena also confirmed with ThisIs50’s Jack Thriller that the wedding is definitely taking place and they are engaged.
    Jack Thriller and Erica Mena:
    “Is Bow Wow your boyfriend?,” Thriller asked Erica during the 2014 BET Hip-Hop Awards. “He’s actually my fiancé,” Mena replied, Boom and flashing the ring that Moss gave her.

    Boom!! Listen she did seem happy and excited, but of course she would, she’s one of the biggest opportunist in the right industry now. Chad also looks happy with his grown ass woman. Congrats.

    The BET Hip-Hop Awards will air on October 14th at 8PM.

  • Leaked nude pics of Gabrielle Unioni

    There have been a crazy amount of nude celebrity photos that have been leaked recently (over 100) on 4chan.com and Reddit.com and now our girl next door Gabby Union is one of its latest victims. Gabrielle Union has admitted that the nude photos online are genuine and she shared with her new husband NBA Heat player Dwyane Wade.
    The Wades has reportedly contacted the FBI already for a full investigation and plans to follow through with the law. So apparently several users on 4chan.com claims the photos were stolen from firm’s iCloud app. So is this an apple issue? Is it the firms issues? Either  way we have some pissed celebrities.
    Mrs. Union gave a statement to TMZ with her husband D. Wade at her side:

    ‘It has come to our attention it has come to our attention that our private moments, that were shared and deleted solely between my husband and myself, have been leaked by some vultures.’ She also stated, ‘I can’t help but to be reminded that since the dawn of time women and children, specifically women of color, have been victimized, and the power over their own bodies taken from them,’ the statement also said. ‘These atrocities against women and children continue worldwide.’

    Some speculate this was a publicity stunt for the show Mary Jane but Gabby has never been the thirsty type so dead that rumor. Obviously this was malicious and hopefully they will catch the perv doing this….

    By the way Kim K pics were leaked too but we seen her back in Ray J days.


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Every super woman needs a super man>>>>>>>>>>

Hi peeps... Join www.farfromusual.com and meet,chat,get updates from around the world and many more...You are far from usual!

by Ade