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Foreign Update

  • Rich Homie Quan’s Father Shot Four Times During Armed Robbery

    News broke on Monday that rapper Rich Homie Quan’s father was shot four times in his barber shop.The gun man burst into the barber shop and opened fire which sounds more like some type of hit than a robbery.But  Corey Lamar is not just Rich Homie’s father but he’s also the Mgr of his son’s music career.

    “I heard about three gunshots, and so I saw the guy come out,” said witness Van White. White says he heard the gunshots, saw the gunman and chased after him, but he got away. “He got in a black car, and that’s all I know from there,” White said. (WSB TV)

    He was rushed to the hospital in critical condition and is expected to make a full recovery,Rich Homie was present at the hospital as his dad went thru surgery.

  • Does Lil Wayne Have Two New Babies On The Way

    Rumor has that rapper Lil Wayne is expecting two more babies to add to his rapidly growing family.Either these reports are untrue or Lil Wayne now has his Fiance Dhea and his new girlfriend Christina Milian pregnant.Now the pregnancy with Christina has not been confirmed but there was a recent picture that surfaced where Christina looked like she had a small baby bump.The rumors started a while back once the blogs began to follow the couple more closely since she signed to his label.

    The controversey seems to be amplified by the fact that Lil Wayne already shares a baby with Christina’s ex husband The Dream who has a child with Lil Wayne’s ex girlfriend Nivea.The dream was also married to Christina Milian and they also have a child together.So Basically both The Dream & Lil Wayne will have kids by Christina & Nivea.

    Here’s how Nivea feels about the situation….

    One big happy family….

  • Love and Hip Hop Hollywood Star MallyMalls house raided by FBI

    We haven’t even gone through a whole season of Love and Hip Hop Hollywood before some real life drama erupted. This is breaking and surprising news, but Love and Hip Hop Hollywood reality star/ famous producer Mally Mall’s Las Vegas home was raided after a warrant was issued on his home and possibly  being a suspect of being head of a human trafficking ring.

    According to published reports,

    “Agents from the U.S. Department of Justice and FBI executed a raid of Mally Mall’s Las Vegas home while he was out of town filming Love and Hip Hop Hollywood. Mally Mall is now the target of a serious criminal investigation involving human trafficking and a search warrant was executed in his Vegas mansion. The federal investigators would not disclose the nature of the warrant or say what they were looking for, but The Review Journal confirms that the FBI had a search warrant for an investigation into human trafficking! Word on the street is that he is a pimp and has several escorts but human trafficking, wow that’s heavy..

    Mally Mall has made a great living working with the best in the music industry like Drake, Justin Bieber and Chris Brown. So to think he is in the sex industry is far fetch, then again I heard Hollywood life is different so who knows.

    I wonder if Mona Scott knew? Is that the real reason she castes him, bedsides being the next Stevie J? We have lots of questions, what do you guys think?

  • NEW MUSIC ALERT: Nehemie (“Crying Game”)

    A new Diva has arrived, if you don’t already know. This R&B songstress hails from sunny South Florida, Miami to be exact and is the definition of talent, beauty, and drive. I first heard of Nehemie from her youtube videos and had the pleasure of catching her perform at Club Bed for “Sunday Soulcials” and at the Let’s Get Laced Cancer Charity Event, where she was opening for R&B firecracker K. Michelle. If you ask me, she should’ve had a longer set. Most recently she lent her pen and vocals to the record “Mackin” by fellow Floridan femcee Brianna Perry of Oxygen networks “Sisterhood of Hip-Hop”. I was like “Yaaaassss finally!”, and it didn’t hurt to hear that Biggie sample in the mix. Let me tell you, Miami is known for their dominating Hip Hop scene but it is definitely refreshing to have some smooth R&B vocals thrown in this musical pot.

    Nehemie EP Cover Art

    She’s spent her time working in the background with Poe Boy Music Group’s artists and most notably R&B icons SWV whom she helped pen the record “Better Than I” on their ‘I Missed Us’ LP and has also worked with super producers/writers Lamb, Robert “Est” Waller and Robert “Big Bert” Smith just to name a few.Today Nehemie will be dropping her new record “Crying Game” for free download in anticipation for her forthcoming EP entitled ‘The Prelude.’ The record was penned by songwriter extraordinaire and friends Terrence Reid and Def Jam recording singer/songwriter Elijah Blake; who’s responsible for the Grammy award winning “Climax” by Usher. Now she is ready to get back in the forefront as an artist to make her mark on this music industry. When you hear this record you will definitely hear the emotion in the vocals, but the singing is effortless. I currently have it on repeat, so do yourself a favor and download this dope record at one of the links below.

    Soundcloud Link: https://soundcloud.com/nehemiemusic/crying-game/s-a0EjL

    AudioMack Link: https://www.audiomack.com/song/nehemiemusic/crying-game-1

    Youtube: http://youtu.be/9c_URbL-98I

    Twitter: @NehemieMusic
    Instagram: @NehemieMusic

    -Crawford Confidentials

  • Amber Rose files for divorce from Wiz Khalifa and wants full custody

    Heartbreaking News coming from Splitsville. Many different news sources state that Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose are getting a divorce, and rumors are even surfacing that there is irreconsilable differences between the couple, and that they were both “bitter”. Apparently before they were married Amber Rose signed a pre-nup, and that for the sake of his child, he agreed to pay child support. Apparently she is already seeking for full custody, but that she has no problem with giving him visitation rights to see his son.


    News Outlets also claim that there is some friction about who is cheating, if its either Wiz, or Amber Rose. Sources claim there is something funny going on because Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey just filed for divorce, and Nick Cannon has also become Amber Rose’s new manager.


    Sound off below, do you think Nick Cannon and Amber Rose are having a secret relationship, or do you think it is just business and Wiz Khalifa is doing all the cheating??



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Hi peeps... Join www.pplevivo.com and meet,chat,get updates from around the world and many more...You are far from usual!

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Every super woman needs a super man>>>>>>>>>>

Hi peeps... Join www.farfromusual.com and meet,chat,get updates from around the world and many more...You are far from usual!

by Ade